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How do i give 2 externals each their drive ?


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Hi i have a problem im not sure where to post. I have filled up a external  "TOSHIBA CONNECT II 3TB" which im currently seeding on the E: drive.

My problem: I want to keep seeding those torrents that are attached to that External HD/E:Drive, however i also want to connect another "TOSHIBA CONNECT II 3TB" while doing that.

But when i connect a 2nd "TOSHIBA CONNECT II 3TB" at the same time ii dont get a pop up for both Externals on my pc, instead i see them both as  "E:Drive" And i can only open the folder/directories of the external thats currently seeding, ie the filled one and not the empty.

What can i do to be able to have both Externals plugged and showing on my pc so i can assign torrents to that one to without everything becoming a mess ?


Edit: I tried connecting a 2tb seagate external and that one actually does pop up, so what exactly is causing the issue on this one, is it because theyre the exact same harddrive type/size/company ?

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