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Can someone help with Download problem?

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So a few days ago I started multiple downloads and about half are finished and are working. But suddenly the rest stopped. I am not great with the Pc so tried to fix it with the help of the internet and messing with the settings. didn't work.

My ISP is caiway and does not throttle according to the Wiki.

Speedtest shows; Ping 7 ms. Download 67.61 Mbps. Upload 68.39 Mbps. Don't know if this is good or bad.

It shows that there is either no download speed or for a couple of seconds 0.1 Kbs.

Almost everything comes from Horriblesubs which is supposed to be on all the time. I saw in the forum that most of the time it is a dead torrent but what exactly is this and do I have that problem to?

Thank you in advance.








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Name        Status    Update In    Seeds    Peers    Downloaded    
[DHT]        working    5m 55s    0    3    0    
[Local Peer Discovery]    working        0    2    0    
[Peer Exchange]    working        0    5    0    
udp://open.nyaatorrents.info:6544/announce    No such host is known.    28s    0    0    0   


I have to send it like this because I am not allowed to send pictures. Keeps giving me a lower file size. But i am probably just gonna re install and if that doesn't work i will just give up on uTorrent. Not good with Pc. But thank you for your time.

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