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Downloading Order of Priority


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I am somewhat frustrated by a downloading situation that occurs repeatedly that I can't seem to fix in the settings.  This happens often.  I'll have 15-25 "active" torrents downloading with maybe 5-10 that are 80%, 90%, 95%+ complete.  At that point, my personal priority, is that all available bandwidth & downloading priority and resources be devoted to completing those downloads to 100% BEFORE resources are devoted to downloading torrents that are only at 10% or 20% complete or whatever.  I have tried EVERYTHING that I would think would make those the highest priority, reordering the queue so they are at the top, changing the bandwidth setting to high, using the finely detailed setting and making the files priority number 15.  In most of these cases, there are plenty of seeders and the availability is very high, yet for some inexplicable reason UTorrent will allocate much higher speeds to items sitting at 20% complete instead of simply banging out and finishing up things stuck at 95% or 98.6% or 99.2%.  It would be nice if there was some setting which said ignore all other torrents until those over X% such as 98% are 100% complete.

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