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How To Stop and Start uT for downloading and uploading (nearly a non active mode)


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Messing About recently I disabled bt.send_have_to_seed what a pathetic setting for any torrent client to have ever.


It is worse for every torrent servers to check for this setting at all corrupts every network that does so and they all use it.


I turned it off for two days just to see what happens.


Downloads don't start more over DHT just sit there forever waiting to announce. Only one or two torrents started, but can stop and start others to start them also thereafter. But worse the uploading also is crippled. Longer it is left disabled longer there is little or no upload or download.


As soon as enable it again immediately any waiting uploads start and go full speed. The downloads don't start not unless they are stopped and client is restarted before starting them again do they start.


This is word of caution for mainly torrent servers this setting should always be ignored as if it is disabled in a client means servers have no data either way from them except to keep reporting have no seeds or also have nothing.


This goes the same for users of any client. Check that this setting is enabled and always enabled. I don't know if servers see it and note ip address and range as no use for x hours or more because of it set wrong. Again no server should take note of this anyway it is a bad setting. Also a setting taht can be used against a torrent client in other ways by those that need to.


I would have posted this in speed but it also comes under problems, so I tagged it with Speed though I doubt having tags will make any difference.


Still I didn't find what I was looking for choking for the receive side long time waiting torrents where appears seeders now and then. But somehow ut says I'm choking them, but I don't know yet how that can be or what causes it. Maybe it is this setting another client or server or reversed is seeing the setting above or another setting that causes this. Shame no persons here that know ut can say what settings affect this. Since I doubt I am alone with this and leads to a torrents death much sooner than they should die. Anyway there is another post here for that I have written recently. Answer there or here let us all know and so in doing so will keep torrents alive for longer.


OT and disclaimer: Speed also depends on user setting up there uT client correctly using the setup guide options or to do so manually or a mixture of the two. When get used to uT it becomes more easy how to do this manually. But uT is it own worst enemy using KB/s B/s and or kbps and bps (whatever) and others developers should have stuck for all settings to one and one alone. Not everyone I'm sure wants to know or understand all speed variants or knows many settings use different ones, confusing to say the least no wonder I read here of many people having problems. Should have picked one and stuck what that no matter what the code base setting requires. Easier to allow and compute in background after all that is what a computer is more capable of to do that for us.

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