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Reason for huge loss of speed?...since windows update?


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I followed the mini guide to a tee and had beautiful speeds of 40-50kb/sec. However since updating windows (2 days ago), installing o&o defrag and AVG Anti virus, my speeds have dropped to 1-2kb/sec. I have made sure my tcpip is still patched.

This speed reduction is only effecting my bit torrent downloads, all other downloads are working at full speed (ie, normal web downloads etc). I've noticed that my .dat files now have the o&o defrag icon associated with them...could this be the problem?

Upload speeds were also working fine so it seems my downloads have somehow been affected by one of the 3 things ive done recently to the system.

Any suggestions?

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ports have been forwarded again (using a diff port number), uninstalled o&o defrag (though i dont think this was the problem..) and have left the half open connections at 50. connection is running fine again.

so basically lesson learnt after updating windows(obviously repatch tcpip) and....re forward ports..

thanks firon, switeck

PS: DHT totally does not work...i just leave it disabled. i think theres enough online trackers not to make it a big deal, but still interesting as to why it never logs in.

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