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Why do alot of my torrents start up in a very slow "checked" state ?


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Hi i have a problem where alot of the torrents when i boot up Utorrent start up in a "checked" state especially the ones that havent finished downloading. It takes more than 3-4 hours before im able to seed/leech on just some of these torrents. The checking state of a single torrent is extremely slow where it progress with 0.1% and up to 0.4% every second. For example a 9.83gb movie file.


I dont recall having this issue with generally Utorrent versions 1 to 4-5 years back. Is this due to a design choice ? when its a external harddrive for these files ? I have 2 external HD plugged in to E: and F: drive and only the F: drive files seem to do this. I have alot of files on local D: internal HD aswell, but theres no issues either there.

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