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Changing Torrent Folders


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I know it's a simple matter to change the download location of a single torrent - so, say, moving Movie A from a folder called 'downloads' to one called 'movies'.  All that needs to be done is stop the torrent, click Advanced - Change Download Location, then browse to the location of the downloaded file and clicking on it.  This works even when the file has been renamed (say from 'moviea_mkv_480p_scene.mkv' to plan 'moviea.mkv)

But this only seems to work on files and not the folders which are contained in the torrent itself.  It doesn't appear possible to move Movie A (which came in a torrent where it was already in a folder called 'Movie A - MKV - 480pXXAB') to a new folder just called 'Movie A' and then continue to seed the download using this newly named folder as the destination.  

The folder name cannot be changed - or am I missing something, since this seems fairly basic functionality.

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