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Speed Problem


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I've been having some hard time trying to resolve issues with my very slow download speed(around 10-500kB/s) which aren't my default internet provider's signed download speed, it says it should be about 1 MB/s download speed, but it's just around 200-400kB/s which i'm not happy at all about.

I tried the following:

- Following setup guide

- Some pointless YouTube tutorials which didn't help at all so i reseted my settings and did all the following in setup guide again

- Portforwarding my random port given from uTorrent (yes, i unchecked the box that says "Random Port on Start" something like that, you get what i mean)

- Restarting my router about few times and my reciever(if its called like that, not sure, something like a router)


So, if you have anything helpful and pointful to say, write it please, it would help me a lot i'm downloading a very large file, which i don't want to wait trillion years to get downloaded.







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