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I have an issue when I initiate a download, normaly I use dualscreen at my main computer.
If RDP to this computer in either single screen session only single screen the download window isnt visable.
It pops up outside of the screen.... not sure why.... most likly you guys need to check, can there an API issue?
It would be nice if the download popup would be handled as a windows which would mean one is able to move it.
And also being able to see it as a window with like ALT + TAB... give it focus when its hiding somewhere....

Ps. if this post is in the wrong section... please feel free to move it... :-)

And guys.... keep up the good work, have been using uTorrent for years.... :-)

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On 2017-07-16 at 3:31 PM, PiusX said:

What are you talking about how is this related to utorrent problem? If the problem exits before utorrent catch the link then you got a browser problem if that is the case.

Yes, cause uTorrent catches it but it imposible to give fokus on the windows unless one use the mouse and click on it.
Same goes when the main window is open and I try the aero hover thing over the icon in the taskbar.
If it would have been a separet process then I woild see two item popping up if I have one download dialogue and the main window open.

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