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Audio on movies is skipping when uTorrent is running

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I just started watching movies on my TV screen connected to my laptop through HDMI. However, I've noticed that many time when I'm downloading torrents, the audio of the movie I'm watching constantly skips and pops, making it unwatchable. It seems to be more frequent and annoying depending of my download speed. When downloading speed is very high and the movie is playing, it seems to generate important processor use as seen in my task manager.

I don't know how the two factors are related because often, the movie I'm watching is not even in my "seeding" torrents, or not even on the same hard drive... :mellow:

When uTorrent is closed, I've no sound problem. Also, these problems only appear when I'm watching a movie on a the TV. If I watch the same movie directly on the computer, there are no problem even when downloading with uTorrent.

Does it mean my computer can't deal with playing a HD movie on a TV screen and downloading at high speed at the same time ? It would surprise me, my PC is quite powerful to be honest.

Does any of you had this issue ? If so you help is welcome ! :)

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