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UTorrent reaches........


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Hi let me first say Im a newbie at this..so please stay wif me.

On certain torrents not all of them, they can sometimes reach a max 95 Kb/s then after a few mins around 5-10 it drops to Zero :(

I have no internet..ex..try to open google no server found or takes to long to open.

I have a wanadoo livebox with 2 meg broadband,

I have port forwarded the port and no errors like disk overload etc.

Please can you help.

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Run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) in µTorrent.

Choose the upload speed that best matches your connection.

If that doesn't help, tell us what settings you've used and the rated+tested speed of your connection.

Have you tried disabling DHT and UPnP and making sure half-open connections aren't set too high in µTorrent?

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