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Fake utorrent interdiction, no seed upload while there a peer


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This is my second post , i has searched this issue in google , and in this forrum too but im still not understand and still curious about this.

1. I has downloaded my file and im going to seeding ,after some hour i see it have 1 of 10 peer connected and 0 of 7seed connected , but why im not uploading my files? Upload speed tab blank while there still 1 of 10 peer connected

2.3 days ago i saw 3 of [fake utorrent] at tab peers so i cant downloading my torrent because they suck all bandwith seeding for about 3 days (the file is 2gb) why they took so long to downloading this file.then im patienly sit and waiting my download , and it done today , i searched about that and i found torrent poisoner, interdiction and found they sharing corrupted data etc, this is true?? So how about the file im downloaded?(is it corrupted or modified by them?) is it safe to got files by them? the only issue when im done downloaded this file is no upload speed while there is a 1 peer connected , and wasted : 443kb (0 hashfails) , im not still opening the file , and i think im a bit paranoid about this..

Please help

Thanks again.

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