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Cannot find my finished torrents


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First, allow me to say that I have looked through the forums for any other mention of a problem like this, but couldn't find it; So, if it is here somewhere already, please let me know.

Second, I was not at all sure of what post tags to use for this problem, so if you think there are some that I should have used but didn't, again-please add them (if that's possible) or let me know and I will add them myself.

And now, on to my problem:

At approximately 6:30 PM, 9/26/2017, here in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, I set up my UTorrent program with a list of 37 torrents to begin downloading over the course of the night. I awoke the next morning and went to check on my progress, and was happily surprised to find 8 of them had been completed, several of which were TV Show or Movie collections and were several GB in size. I chose not to interrupt the process, and instead, went to grab breakfast. During breakfast, my apartment building suffered a very temporary power outage. I returned about a half hour later, and found that as a (not a surprise) result of the outage, my laptop had rebooted, but (also not surprisingly) the UTorrent program had not started up again. So I went ahead and started it up.

All of the torrent files that had been listed as completed and seeding were now listed with the error "Error: The System cannot find the path specified;" So, I first ran a HDD process check to make certain that I had not lost any of my HDD during or as a result of the outage, and found that I have not; Second, I went ahead and a "Force Re-Check" on all of my torrents (the ones that were finished as well as the ones that were not); All of the re-checks came back okay, but none of the completed ones came back as being, well, COMPLETED; A couple of them came back at 99+ % completed, but the rest were all at 70% or less;

Can someone please explain how I have lost all of my completed files? I checked my completed downloads directory (which I will quickly point out is NOT violating the 255-character limit for a path length in Windows) and NONE of the torrents that WERE listed as completed are in there. I am truely at a loss, and any help from anyone will be greatly appreciated.

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@mike20021969 First, thank you for your help; As I said before, I tried that with all of the torrents in my list, both the ones that had been listed as completed and seeding, and the ones that were still downloading; They all showed up in the correct folders/locations; But none of the ones that were completed and seeding were in my completed torrents location-they (seemingly still downloading portions) were still in the correct folder for my "In Process torrents"

1 good piece of news: As I mentioned before, a couple of the torrents that had been completed and seeding, and had then shown up as on 99+ % finished, finished downloading, and when I tried them out, they played just fine;

I'm still hoping to find the missing completed/finished torrents for the ones that, as I mentioned before, were several GB in size; Any help from anyone will be greatly appreciated.

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