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how to resume downloads after reloading system


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I'm about to have to reload my system (I think I have a virus), so is there a way I can backup all my progress, then resume it once I'm back up in running?

I think there is a way to resume the progress with the a utorrent URI file that gets saved to "My Download" folder, but I already deleted all of those.

Thanks Gary.

ps. I apologies in advance, since I'm sure this has already been asked.

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Before doing so make sure all your same settings are the same after the reloading of the system otherwise if you copy the appdata/user folder back it will not work properly and read the utorrent migration instructions as well:

How do I migrate torrents from a different client to uTorrent?


Also if you don't backup the appdata/user folder/utorrent  folder all your torrent settings and config and current torrent loads will be lost as well and you will have to start from "0" also if you stored your torrent and settings and downloads on the Main drive this could be a issue as the files themselves if you had settings for pre-file allocated space could cause problem if not placed in the right locations as well either. So you need to take not of all the settings where they were set before re-loading otherwise you will troubleshooting for quiet some time to fix it. As it seems you used the Windows "my download" folder if you deleted anything then everything is gone because that is most likely the location it kept all the torrent files and downloaded files. You can't resume progress if you deleted the torrent and the downloaded files since now there is nothing pointing to them. Resume only works if the torrent files and saved files exists to continue the download otherwise you will have to start from "0" and find the torrents to begin again. If what you did wipe clean all those files then there is nothing that can fix what happened but to start from a clean utorrent setup and learn from this that you need to first plan before just deleting and then asking questions that won't help after the fact now.



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