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Quick Port Forwarding Question

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I currently have 50Mbp/s service and installed uTorrent yesterday.  My downloads a blazing fast (to me) without any port forwarding!  My question is will I gain anything by laboring through that procedure???     Thanks in advance!

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I would say no unless utorrent is slowing down I keep as it for now. And also stay away from prohibitied torrent sites as downloading from such sights will peak the interest of you ISP to throttle your utorrent usage.

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On 10/12/2017 at 7:35 AM, DreadWingKnight said:


I would say that PiusX is WRONG on this case.

Never had to portforward utorrent since using it and my speeds are just fine, thank-you. I use a proxy setting and I haven't had any problems with my downloads speeds. I only made a few setting change without portfoward and a permission to run in firewall changes to permit utorrent to run and that was all I did in Windows 10 as in Windows 7 of which I didn't have to make changes in the firewall. And my speeds have always been the same and also I am utorrent version not v3 because of v3 problems. Haven't had any security problem from the other utorrent and don't needs ads wasting my bandwidth either.

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