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Downloads stop just before nearly completed


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Hi everyone.

I have realized some of my downloads are starting and progressing quickly but when they are about to get completed, say once only less than 5% is remaining, they stop.

The problem is that I have spent days trying updating peers which seem to be working well but no completion yet uploading on the same torrent work.

Could anyone help?

Thanks a lot.

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9 minutes ago, Kiroha said:

Any suggestion on how to increase it?

You can't do anything to increase the value (to 1.000 or greater). Wait and hopefully someone with 100% (1.000), or part of the torrent file containing the remainder you need to complete, may become available.

Alternatively, find another equivalent torrent.

I've just waited over 2 months for a torrent that was 0.988 to complete.

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It is possible that what is going on is that the torrents you are trying to download that are not completing are fake. 

For example...   someone might decide to post a torrent for a movie "Star Wars: The Final Jedi" knowing that a LOT of people will try to download it.  

Instead of being the actual movie, the file might be gigs of garbage.  Then,  to prevent people from realizing that the file is garbage, it is incomplete.  

Partial avi, mp4, mpg, etc. files can be viewed with wares such as Videolan's VLC.     However, if a file is a ZIP or RAR and is incomplete, you can't tell if the file is an incomplete download of a REAL movie, or an incomplete download of a FAKE file which was made incomplete intentionally to waste your time.    

I would suggest you try downloading some torrents from OTHER sites, and see if you have the same problem.  If not, then the problem is not related to utorrent. 

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Thanks a lot. I believe the fake idea is behind the posts because it is hard to conceive how a torrent can be downloaded at an exponential speed and it abruptly stops just before a few seconds its completion then it remains inactive for more months without any more seeder to complete the remaining infenitesimal part!

Indeed the problem is not with uTorrent.


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