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Same router, new tablet, crazy slow - could tablet be throttling?


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Hi folks, I would love some advice!  Today is the last day to return my new tablet and I am wondering if I need to.


I have been tortenting for 10 years or so and have no problems torrenting today on another (windows) computer, same wifi network.


This is my first time torrenting with android, and a new tablet. I am getting dl speeds in the 0.1-0.5kb range, with ten thousand seeders.


Network is 72mb. Speed test during busy time of evening says 15mb on tablet.


Tablet runs android 5.1.1


 I have tried:

3 torrent programs (utorrent, bittorrent, smarttorrent).


Checking my settings over and over. Changing dl limit fom 0 to 5000. There is not much else that can be adjusted utorrent  but in smarttorrent I could play around with settings more.... to no avail.


Forced reboot of tablet.


Uninstall and reintall utorrent.


If I let a torrent continue, it does eventually complete and result in a good file, but it does not ever speed up.


Thank you so much for any help.


Oh, I have also checked Android forums to see if I was missing some user adjustable throttle setting. Looks like that's not it.


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