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Export magnet link torrents


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I'm using the latest stable version of uTorrent.

I have a list of magnet link torrents that haven't got the metadata downloaded yet, therefore there are no .torrent files created yet.

These torrents are poorly seeded and currently may have no peers in the swarm. However, as time goes by some of the seeders will appear.


For the time being, how can I export currently existing magnet link torrents?

Exporting all the magnet links to clipboard, text file or separate .torrent files would be great.


Please note that I have hundreds of such magnet link torrents, therefore I'd need an automated, not manual one-by-one solution.


Is it possible to export loaded magnet link torrents from uTorrent?


Thank you.

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You can copy the magnet links of multiple torrents.

Click the top pane containing the torrents.

Simply highlight the ones you want by clicking on them (hold ctrl whilst clicking to select multiple torrents).

Other ways to select:

Press ctrl+A would select them all. Press & hold ctrl then click on individual torrents to deselect ones you don't want to include.

Also, maybe you could sort torrents by Name, Added etc. to make it easier before selecting - just click the appropriate column header to sort them.

Once you've made your choice:

Right-click on any 1 of them>Copy Magnet URI.

Right-click>Paste (e.g. into a text document).

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Thank you, Sir!

Your solution worked just fine.

I've copied all the magnet URIs into clipboard in uTorrent, pasted magnet URIs from clipboard into BiglyBT (open source continuation of Azureus/Vuze project) and used BiglyBT feature to export magnet link torrents into .metatorrent files that can be safely stored or imported into various clients including uTorrent.


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