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Multiple Tracker Handling


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Hi, I have a technical question. Can you please help?

When a torrent specifies multiple trackers, how does utorrent handle them? Does it randomly select one and stick with it (announces to another only if it fails; like Deluge does) or does it announce to all available trackers at once? Can anyone enlighten me regarding this: Does utorrent use all the trackers in the list, or does it only go through them when the previous tracker is down?

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23 minutes ago, DreadWingKnight said:

It has tiering support. One tracker per tier is used.

suppose, it has 3 tiers (0,1,2) with 2 tracker URLs per tier (total 3x2=6); then how many trackers will be used to announce? three (one tracker per tier)?

Moreover about 10 years ago deluge developer accused that utorrent used all trackers in the list.


(we only use one tracker per torrent at a time). if one tracker isnt responding, we move down the list to the next one, and so forth. we do this because it's according to how the bittorent protocol mandates...other clients (utorrent, f****** a** h****), do not. --markybob » Mon Dec 31, 2007 3:14 am


That's why I asked in this forum.

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