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Exclude automatic import of non- C: drives


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When I start up utorrent, my C: drive is always there, so there is no problem with files that are on my C: drive.  

However, I use an 8TB external drive to archive my torrent files.    This can be a DISASTER if I turn on Utorrent, and that external drive is NOT connected.   Utorrent goes nuts trying to find those files, and tags them all as being missing.  Then, when the external drive is re-connected, all those tagged files are then forced into an extremely lengthy process of forced re-checking.  

It would be nice if Utorrent would not automatically import external drives which might not be connected at the time.  

Here's one idea for a solution:

"Files stored on Drive E: are not detected, do you want to exclude Drive E: for this session?"  

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