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Couple problems with Speed connection!


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Okay, im having connection problem, i was downloading some anime movies on utorrent and evertime i download something i always get low speeds, i did tests from different servers and i am fine.

here are some of my results

I live in Canada, Ontario so speed servers somewhere else might be slower.


New York City, NY

Download Speed: 4705 kbps (588.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 284 kbps (35.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

San Fransisco, CA

Download Speed: 3370 kbps (421.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 306 kbps (38.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

Chicago, IL

Download Speed: 4597 kbps (574.6 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 306 kbps (38.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

Los Angeles, CA

Download Speed: 4517 kbps (564.6 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 291 kbps (36.4 KB/sec transfer rate)


4.5 megabits per second

Communications 4.5 megabits per second

Storage 544.4 kilobytes per second

1MB file download 1.9 seconds

Subjective rating Awesome

yet im still getting low as 10kB/s on everything i download.

what are some suggestions to this problem?

My router is

D-link DI-524 wireless

and my internet provider is ROGERS EXPRESS high-speed.

i do have nvidia firewall, and i always disable it and exit it.

i am using an onboard integrated network chip.

Some problems which i THINK is the cause is

-I don't have proper ports

-Didn't port foward properly

-My router is slow and needs a new one

-I need a networking pci card

-i need to uninstal the nivdia firewall forever

-its just my bad luck

thats all i can think now, i will post pictures of what settings i have used to use utorrent

can ANYONE tell me what port i should use? it seems that when i check if it is okay, it always has an error, its either the port has errors or my router is not allowing me to accept connection from other people.


anyways i hope this is enough information to help find the problem

thanks in advance!

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1. You will not obtain good speeds until you'll be capable to forward the port properly. Search and read carefully the posts in this forum, the FAQ and also your router section in portforward.com because I can't help you with this one - I never used a router. You MUST get a green light in the status bar (that means you can receive incoming connections).

2. After this step and considering the upload speed you posted (544.4 kbps), you should pick the value xx/512kb in the Speed Guide (and not 1 Mb as in the picture).

3. For public torrents you must use Peer Guardian2 to protect yourself from torrent "poisoners" and get as few hashfails as you can.

4. If you're still having problems you may want to disable DHT and UPnP.

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You must uninstall+completely remove the Nvidia Firewall to have a hope of µTorrent working without problems. Just disabling it leaves some of its DLLs running in the background improperly filtering packets that pass through it.

Rogers is know to severely throttle BitTorrent traffic. Old workarounds to that no longer work very well...but they have to be used to get much of any results at all. Other people have said they can get up to 50 KB/sec download speeds if they run only 1 torrent at a time with maybe no more than 10-40 total connections. Upload speeds may only be 10 KB/sec.

D-Link routers are known to suck. Wireless doubly so. Even with DHT and UPnP disabled *AND* half-open connections in µTorrent set to only 4-8, they will still be underperformers that will slow your speeds down versis having a direct computer-to-modem connection.

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so which routers you prefer? i HAVE to have router since my other faimly members has to have an internet connection.

so what does thorttle bittorrent mean? it means it is apping the speed? did rogers do this purposely? or its just the way they are doing it?

so any other suggestions? i havn't portfoward properly, mainly because i don't know my own static ip address, i did use the guide at portfoward.com to find my static ip, but it wouldn't show up on my computer.

so should i call rogers to tell my static ip address?

where and what should i call?


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Personally, I haven't had any problems with wired Linksys routers or Netgear ones (if you turn off Netgear routers' SPI firewall).

Rogers deliberately (and maliciously, some may argue) chokes BitTorrent traffic to a very low speed using packetshaping.

If you need information on port forwarding, go to http://www.portforward.com/

The static IP address we refer to is your LAN address that your router assigns to your computer, generally starting with 192.168.xxx.xxx for consumer routers.

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okay, i did that guide, which one of the connection is suppose to be the one where i insert the ip addresses?

my connection or network bridge?

for some reason, im not sure if this is normal, my Default gate, DHCP server, and DNS ip is ALL the same, and when i put in these ip on the properties, it wouldn't work because they cannot be the same ip addresses. BUT when i checked the information when i use run>command>ip config

it tells me the default gate, hhcp and dns the same.

what should i do?


please, i ALREADY tried going into portfoward to get information, doesn't seemt o help.

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...Why are you bridging your connections =_=;;; Are you sharing your internet connection via the wired LAN?

If not... you really don't need to do that.

At home, I have three separate unbridged networks: wireless for internet, 100mbit wired with the rest of my family, and a 400mbit direct FireWire link to my brother's computer. All I have to do is turn off automatic interface metric for each interface in the TCP/IP options to maintain connectivity D:

...That and persistent routes ^_^;

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im not sure what to say but this is my internet setup.

okay my modem and my router is with this computer i am using.

In the router, the WAN connection is connected with the MODEM.

the WLAN connection is connected to MY computer and the MAC computer is using some wireless adapter or something either wifi, but it is integrated inside.

the THIRD computer is using the wireless USB adapter.

is there any problems with this setup?

ill post a picture if i can..

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