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Starting torrents without rechecking


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Is there a way (uTorrent Windows 3.5-44294) to restart a torrent (after a Windows crash) without rechecking it?

My use case is: 

- All my files are in a NAS

- uTorrent running on a dedicated Windows VM, under macOS (unfortunately uTorrent for macOS is not the same)

- Due to macOS network frequent disconnections, the VM crashes frequently, yes mac networking is crap

- When it returns all torrents are marked as "file not found"

- When I hit start, uTorrent will recheck everything, but this is not needed (in this case) because all files are the same and weel in the NAS

- The problem is that I stress the network and the NAS hard drives, since I'm seeding  1TB+ of data...

Can we disable this forced recheck? Every torrent piece is checked before sending to the other end, and checked in the other end too, so the file could be just marked as bad if an error occurs, as I have seen happening more than once in all those years torrenting.


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