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Developers do not send me the activation key


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Happy New Year everyone!
I wrote to the support team so that the developers sent me an activation key for μTorrent Pro (bought on June 2, 2017), but nobody answered me. I hope now pay attention.
I quite often reinstall Windows (regularly every three months), how would I automatically configure the activation process? I think it would be great if for activation it would be necessary to enter your credentials (mail and password). After all, you need to somehow automate it.
Sincerely, Dubrovkin Sergei!
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Please check your inbox,  if anyone else is having similar issues, please PM me your order details and email address so I can redirect your request to the right channel. Also, please don't post personal info such as email address or order numbers in public.

We're looking to give you more ways to reinstall yourself, instead of contacting support each time you need to reinstall.


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