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Autoload / Autostart Torrent


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Hi everyone. I'm new. This is my first post.

For years, I used an old version of uTorrent. I think it was 1.3 or something.

I have a Dropbox folder that is set to Autoload torrents from. If I happen to see something at work, I would drop that torrent into my Dropbox file at work, uTorrent on my Media PC would see the new file in the Autoload folder, and it would start downloading - hopefully ready to watch on my painfully slow DSL by the time I get home hours later.

Recently, I built a new Media PC, and migrated to Windows 10. Before I only was up to Windows 7.

Again, I specified the Autoload location, and it does still load those torrents into the latest uTorrent that I downloaded a couple of weeks ago. Version

However, I have found that these torrent downloads will not start on their own. Instead, I have to go to the Media PC, right click the Downloads folder, and select Force Start before the downloading will begin.

Did I install something incorrectly?

Is there a setting that might have been ON by default before that is not now?

Do I possibly have a version of uTorrent that has a bug in it?

Again, this is my first post. If I need to submit a LOG file for someone to figure this out, kindly let me know where that is and I will. But, if there is a simple answer that does not require that LOG file, all I really want is to get the program running correctly.

Regards, and Semper Fi.

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