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Utorrent and mapped drives


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I have utorrent running inside a VM thats running a VPN so it doesnt interfere with the bandwidth I have gigabit vpn connects at 200Mb or so. The files that are downloaded are moved by utorrent when complete then post processed by another script running on the main server. This is why I choose to use the network drive so utorrent moving completed files around on the same network drive we be instant.  I've noticed sometimes when utorrent loads up when I click on the directories it doesnt see the network drive so usually when I restart utorrent and try again it can browse to them. Anyone know why utorrent would be having this issue?

I've configured the drive mapping with the following to ensure it wasnt disconnecting.

net use /delete:* 
net use I: \\\i /persistent:yes
net config server /autodisconnect:-1

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