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uTorrent crashes due to ntdll.dll file.


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Hello everyone.

OS is Windows 7 SP2 64bit Professional

uTorrent is v.3.3.2 build 30180

RAM is 4GB

Motherboard is Gigabyte H77M-D3H

CPU is core i7-3770

It is experienced that the above mentioned uTorrent v.3.3.2 build 30180 keeps crashing due to ntdll.dll error and that happens within 10 minutes of starting uTorrent. I am now forced to use the older version 2.0 (build 18296) on Windows 7 64bit (Professional). But there are a lot of performance issues in this version.


I have tried using the uTorrent v.3.3.2 (build 30180) on Windows 10 64bit Professional but it crashes here also due to the same ntdll.dll error.


Kindly help.


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Thanks for your replies.

Mike20021969, I had already tried upgrading to the latest version a couple of weeks ago but it used to crash with the same ntdll.dll error.

PiusX, I have searched on the internet and it tells me the same what you mentioned. But the same ntdll.dll file is working properly with v.2.0. I install the latest version uTorrent crashes with ntdll.dll error. I go back and install uTorrent v.2.0 and it is working fine. Don't know how to rectify this issue.

Is there a bug fix released by uTorrent for ntdll.dll file crashing issue ?

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The issue is that, I have approx. 1200 torrents downloaded successfully which consists of technicals tutorials, study notes, presentation slides, technical books (pdf) etc ... and I do not want to remove it from the uTorrent application as searching in the uTorrent interface is easier that the seaching the entire PC. This "search" facility is avaIlable in the latest version and not in the older versions. Therefore I wanted to upgrade to the latest version. Also there is a lot of performance issues in while downloading the older versions specially when there are less seeders.

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