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after torrent added all torrents go invisible


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Hi, i added this long torrent full of stuff. but my list went blank.

It happened while I clicked on a discord icon that oppened web discord.
discord went full grey in the windows app. utorrent went white, not showing any torrent.
after rebooting, discord works as usual but utorrent is still with list problems.

yes, i have one torrent on the "hidden" list. doesnt show when i click that list either.
i have 1071 completed torrents, but no way of seeing them.

I also downloaded from the web page the latest version and installed it to no avail. (my utorrent is in auto update mode)


the only click on the interface that shows a list of torrents is when i click in "torrents" (the main main main category of the tree)
thing is.. it doesnt show TORRENTS, it only shows a list of each of the inner files of this one big torrent i added, but as a new and different torrent each

idk what will happen once its finally downloaded. maybe all gets back. maybe not.

i also dont know if i am allowed to say the name of the torrent that caused the issue.. i can say the literal name or give a link or upload the torrent file..
the INFOHASH : 2761DCF93B43007693F3F8212EC5F24AE8C82794   (i also dont know what infohash is, if that helps you identify the torrent then great..
maybe a screenshot image of the torrent is ok?

let me know if i have to delete that as well


the empty list of the 1071 completed torrents 


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mm im sorry, i already took care of it myself, as the forum showed this thread as "pending moderation" since friday


well.. i had a thousand torrents uploading.

now i just deleted all files in the appdata/roaming folder, except the exe

it got "fixed". i lost all the uploading links to the respective actual files in my pc, so.. theres is that.
but in time i will be upoading stuff again. so.. i guess no biggy.


the issue as i can best describe it was:

- whatever utorrent thought was the "active torrent" showed its inner files as "torrents" in the list.

- so if there was no "active torrent" there were no files shown

- if there was a file i saw the inner files up until the download was finished and the "active torrent" cleared. then i went back to seeing nothing.

// EDIT:

ok .. i think i got what you meant by that... that i had expanded the visual inspector of the torrent file too big in maximized mode, and then (while in window mode) it was si big that it hid the actual torrents section completely.. which would be obvious if i had maximized utorrent again..

damn. yep. you are probably 100% right. feeling a bit stupid here. although.. there was no clue about that on the interface

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