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Nointall/autoupdate functionality broken


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2 hours ago, _hunter said:

some strange "Setup Wizard" appeared.

That's mostly likely because uTorrent.exe is not the actual binary this time. It's possibly an archive installer bundled with junk offers (provided by lavasoft/adaware).

To check, rename the file's extension: uTorrent.exe.zip / uTorrent.exe.rar / uTorrent.exe.7z (or similar depending on what your archiver program will open).

If your archive program opens it, the file you really need is called Carrier.exe.

Extract that file, rename Carrier.exe > uTorrent.exe. Then you can replace your existing binary with it.

The image below is an example of the archive installer for the latest stable version of uTorrent, (2.96 MB). The binary only (2.05 MB) can be obtained already from the magnet link in my signature.



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