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Starting Queued Torrents


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I have my torrents automatically loaded from a shared folder. I can drop the torrents into it, and watch those same torrents vanish as uTorrent picks them up and loads them into the GUI.

After the torrents load, they enter a Queued status, even though (I believe) I have everything set to automatically start the downloads automatically.


But, they do NOT automatically start.

The only way I have found to get the torrents to load is to go to the PC running uTorrent, Right-Click to bring up the Context Menu, and select Force Start.


How do I change this behavior?

I'm currently on 3.5.1, but older versions have not been working recently either.

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I disabled the Upload cap, and the torrents are loading, queuing up, and downloading fine.

Good catch, Mike.

That's really strange.

On a side note: I have AT&T's DSL service. They are the only company I have found that can provide internet in my area, and even it is limited to 768kbps download. There is a local company that provides cable TV along with cable internet, but they have not expanded to my side of town yet. Outside companies offering great packages like Suddenlink are banned from competing.

My main reason for torrenting is that I cannot stream online content.

A torrent provider I use called ipt-update lets members pay a small fee to be able to leach a video, and they will seed it for you. So, I am trying to set my seeding down to nothing with the upload cap. Is an upload cap not the right way to do this?

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