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Multiple, repeated, constant attemtps to download malware!


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I made a thread about this before: https://forum.utorrent.com/topic/105948-utorrent-attempting-to-download-malware/

But the problem hasn't been fixed, in fact it's worsened. As the title says; Utorrent is constantly and repeatedly attempting to download malware to my PC. I've attached some screenshots, its been doing it every 5-15 mins for weeks

Previously Utorrent was added to my 'trusted applications' in Kaspersky so my torrenting wasn't affected by any blocks (like i'm sure everybody has it)

But recently I changed to Bitdefender (where Utorrent wasn't a "trusted application") and ever since I changed, Bitdefender has caught Utorrent trying to download this malware all day, every single day

That also means; because I had Utorrent in my "trusted programs" in Kaspersky (just like no doubt most other people) then Utorrent has been able to successfully download this malware for all this time, which is many many months

What makes it worse is i've been experiencing virus like PC problems and unexplained heavy resource usage and despite having premium anti virus and internet security I have been unable to solve the problems

When you consider that this would be the 'perfect crime'... (Its known by Utorrent staff that the program will be allowed in everybvodys trusted programs - that leaves the door wide open for them to inject malware in this fashion, undetected and at will)

Then when I see my AV picking up all these continual, repeated attempts it's very difficult for me not to think something untoward is going on with Utorrent

What does everyone else think about this?





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2 hours ago, mike20021969 said:
2 hours ago, mike20021969 said:

I doubt uTorrent.exe is the real culprit.

If it's Ad related again, kill utorrentie.exe. That should sort it.

Or block it with your firewall.




Well I'm sorry to say but my anti virus is very clear that the offending object is utorrent.exe - as shown in the pictures. If it was another exe then it would say so

Also - I dont even have a utorrentie.exe running, I check my processes regularly and I know everything that is and should be running there and utorrentie.exe is not and has never been 1 of them so that is a totally invalid suggestion

And besides that -  I don't even have such an exe on my system so I cant stop it or block it

So unfortunately NONE of what you've said above is helpful or valid




I just read your sticky topic at the top of the page and again every single bit of it is UNHELPFUL and INVALID

This problem has persisted throughout many months for me on both Kaspersky and Bitdefender security tools, I do not and never have used windows defender

Also about the junk files - that is rubbish - I use ccleaner and bleachbit regularly to clean my system. They are tweaked to remove all traces of junk files, yet this problem still persists

Also - there is a clear web address on each of the anti virus warnings - so this is NOT coming from junk files

With all the above considered - this leaves only 1 possible solution - That UTORRENT IS CONSTANTLY AND REPEATEDLY DOWNLOADING MALWARE TO USERS DEVICES

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1 hour ago, User18352 said:

...utorrentie.exe... I don't even have such an exe on my system so I cant stop it or block it

Really? Not even in your updates folder?

e.g. C:\Program Files\uTorrent\updates\3.5.3_44358\uTorrentie.exe

Depending on how you installed uTorrent, you may find it in a uTorrent AppData folder rather than in Program Files.

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I dont have anything utorrent in program files, in (x86) I have a utorrent folder, but it only contains utorrent.exe and nothing else

Ive checked the appdata folder and it isnt in there either - anyway - like I said before - no process of that name has ever been running on my PC, because I would know about it from the task manager that I check regularly. Even if it is on my PC somewhere, it has NEVER been run

Can you please remove or edit your sticky tutorial becase like I said, its completely unhelpful and totally invalid and even though Ive pointed out to you that its all complete rubbish youve still left it there, broadcasting all its invalid information, and that isnt going to help anyone


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