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Doesn't connect to peers while seeding


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I have a dedicated server that runs Windows 10 (I have my reasons). I have uTorrent running there, the problem is although I can download at 80-90MBps speed from private trackers, I can't upload much. I also have a seedbox, which runs rTorrent. The same torrent that's uploading at 15-20MBps in my seedbox, doesn't even go 5MBps in uTorrent. But both of them have gigabit ethernet.

See how uTorrent connected with more peers but upload less





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I doubt it if they are blocking or throttling utorrent traffic they won't give a answer or say there is nothing wrong on their side. And VPN that isn't for utorrent to give advice on or help with - that is between you and the VPN you choose to give you help with.

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