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3.5.3 pro, remove video player

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I'm using uTorrent build 3.5.3 pro. Works great, love it. But, I've got this annoying video player in the lower right hand corner of the screen. It stays there on all of the torrent screens (downloading, seeding, active, etc.). I've been through preferences and advanced and can not find an option to remove it. I can disable detailed info, but that also gets rid of the detailed info (who would of guessed lol). I absolutely need that to stay on screen. I can also adjust the separator bar, but it stops at a minimum size. The screenshot shows the minimum size. So can anybody help me out here? i'VE ATTACHED A SCREENSHOT.

Here is screenshot. In case it is not obvious, I would like the contents of the red circle removed please.



Also, I recently realized that the u in uTorrent is actually µ. I mean, I always knew that but for some reason it never clicked. So is it pronounced U-Torrent as I and mostly everybody else says, or is it micro-torrent?

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