uTorrent first file in directory corruption

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If a torrent's first piece belongs to a file in subdirectory, uTorrent will trim everything beyond first directory on that file. This leads to all sorts of errors, including inability to seed, re-check, or open that first file.

This bug has already been reported several times:

(the last two posts reported their bug have disappeared, but this is only because they restarted uTorrent. All these reports look 100% like this bug)

My observations so far:

  • I see this happening for at least 2 years on both my computers
  • Restarting uTorrent will temporarily fix all these glitches
  • After restarting uTorrent only one torrent glitches (the same one, if no torrents are added or removed), and it happens in seconds after restarting.
  • If I let uTorrent run for a day, I can then glitch any torrent with piece-0 in directory by Force Re-Checking it.
  • (not sure) Only 100% Finished Seeding torrents glitch





I know this is not latest beta, but:

  1. There's nothing like it in changelog
  2. After all these years there's no hope of any developers' attention to this bug

I will try to find latest non-glitchy uTorrent version later.

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Confirmed here too. Sadly I'm afraid this has been in the client for years now :(  Trying to focus the exact use-case it is when the first "file" is a folder. There is a way to "recover" form this - after it fails to download, just exit and re-run the client. It seems to fix itself... 


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A single-file torrent.

Torrent was in Seeding state (no leeches) and Path was good before I clicked Force Re-Check.

It got stuck at "Checking 0.0%".

After restarting uTorrent, Force Re-Check did not trigger the glitch, and checking completed successfully. Second re-checking succeeded too.


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After restarting uTorrent it started downloading piece 0 of this torrent, and will fail with "Error: Access is denied.  (WriteToDisk)" in a few seconds.


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You can see "PS3_GAME"  at the top here (1st piece) when it is should be a directory (there is no such file in the list). uTorrent creates a file with that name, and so, fails the rest of the writes.

To fix it you need to physically delete this wring file, so to be able to  create a folder wit the same name.

I didn't understand you example with a simple file torrent, not clear wit the correct file name is.

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