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Upload speed is slow, doesn't use available bandwidth


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I am using uTorrent 3.5 build 43580 (32 bit) on Windows 7 (64 bit). I haven't been able to understand uTorrent's method of deciding on upload speed despite using uTorrent for ages.

- I try to seed torrents which usually have very few seeders and not seed torrents where there are hundreds of seeders (at least > 10). I would like the upload speed to be utilized by these torrents. To enable this, I limit the upload speed of torrent(s) I am downloading but the moment I do that my download speed start crashing. Despite the fact that I am uploading other less seeded torrents at a decent speed. Why does this happen? When my total upload speed is fine why should uTorrent limit my download speed?

- My upload speed limit set by ISP is 65-70kb. Even when I am seeding torrents where no other seeders exist, still my upload speeds are mostly 10kb-20kb. I can't understand who is limiting this. When there are multiple uploads happening uTorrent does add up the upload speeds to 40-50kbps, which implies that issue is NOT with upload at my end. Why doesn't uTorrent allow usage of maximum limit? It is obvious that the downloader at other end has good bandwidth to download - his/her download bandwidth can't be 10-20kbps - how do I know this. I used common sense - when a new seeder with higher upload speed appeared - his/her download finished in a very short time. After doing all maths - I think there is some core issue with uTorrent uploading methodology.


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Your ISP speeds are not your utorrent speed-let's get this corrected. If there aren't alot of seeders and your the only one the speeds will be kbs as your describing until someone else downloads and start uploading the same file will the speeds increase for sharing until that happens it will go up. Your inferring to many things as connected when nothing really connects them. And your common sense on seeder is misplaced already as shown. You should read up more on how utorrent works and not use dubious common sense to make bad claims here. Your download speed crash is likely result of your ISP throttling it and isn't the fault of utorrent.

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