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Having several issues with player


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Utorrent is going haywire. Preferences are being changed or not followed, settings are not working, and it keeps freezing every time I try to do something with torrent(s). My preferences are set at 4 active downloads at one time with 2 downloads and 2 seeds, but all seeds run instead of queueing, stealing over half my computer speed. I am using Windows 10 with version 3.5.3. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling new version of 3.5.3 and it still constantly freezes, but it looks like the preferences/settings issues are fixed. Of course this happened before after some tweaking and after a couple days it went back to acting up so we shall see. I wondered if maybe low space on laptop hard drive was causing the issues along with error messages (this is in another post)  so I  tried downloading straight to external, but it keeps downloading onto my C: when I open the app from my external. I tried uninstalling some stuff and that didn't work either so I put back my files.

I am using WIndos 10 OS with Utorrent version 3.5.3 new build. My external is a 1TB Silicon Power with 476 GB of space left. I have 221 MB on laptop hard drive left.

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