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I Can Not Find Files (Both Downloading and Complete)


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I can not find files which are both "downloading" or "completed" in the specified directories.

Directories seems OK.

Options - Preferences - Directories - Location of Downloaded Files 

Put new downloads in : F:\TORRENT\DOWNLOADING

Move completed downloads to : F:\TORRENT\COMPLETED

1) I made search by writing files name in the whole hdd. They don't exist. Both "downloading" and complete files.

2) Right Click the file on the torrent - Open containing folder (It opens "This PC - "Documents)

3) After files are completed "Download Progress" turns into "Error : Files are missing from job. Please recheck)

4) When I recheck they start to download from scratch


uTorrent version : 3.5.3

OS : Windows 10


Where are the files? How to fix this issue?



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20 hours ago, mike20021969 said:

On a side note, I'm curious as to where your .torrent files are as your Store .torrents in: hasn't been set...

I don't understand what you've said. Could you be more clear?


20 hours ago, mike20021969 said:

Before a download completes: if you open the DOWNLOADING folder, can you see files/part files of the download in progress?



There is an anomaly. For the files downloading;

+ I see some files downloading in "COMPLETE" folder.

+ I see some of them in "DOWNLOADING" folder.

+ I can not see some of them at all.



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5 hours ago, zanshin777 said:

Could you be more clear?

Not really. Maybe a nice, little piccy will help...


Can you see how you Store .torrents in: hasn't been set?

As to your completed downloads doing a vanishing act after completing, I don't know. Maybe it's a Windows 10 feature?! Someone familiar with that OS could offer some solution regarding that.

Incidentally, is F: an external drive?

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34 minutes ago, zanshin777 said:

Do you mean



I mean .torrent files. If the check box isn't ticked (see previous image with the big red arrow and the three ? symbols), I was curious as to where they are stored.

I know the answer to your b.) as I can see the folder location in your image, but your location for a) is not specified under the Directories setting.

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