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Installing uTorrent in Non-Admin Accounts


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I'm running uTorrent in a non-admin account on Windows 7 x64. Up until 3.5.3 build 44396, uTorrent was able to update fine but beginning with 3.5.3 build 44428, uTorrent seems to require admin privileges to update.

The problem with that is it's only installing the update for the admin user, not my non-admin account. I read a few threads on the forums with users indicating the same thing and one solution seemed to be to install in the admin account and then copy the %appdata%\uTorrent folder from the admin account to the non-admin account. That solution would wipe out my settings though (settings.dat, rss.dat, etc), so what I did instead was to simply copy %appdata%\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe from the admin account to the non-admin account.

That seems to have worked and running uTorrent indicates that it's the new version but I have a couple questions I'm hoping someone can answer.

(1) Is this a permanent change in the way the uTorrent installer works? If so, does anyone know why the change was made? It seems like this will "break" updates for lots of users and that people that don't understand what's going on will be very confused as to why their uTorrent isn't updating.

(2) Is there a simpler / better way to get uTorrent to install in a non-admin account?

(3) Is the way I've worked around the issue ok? I'm a little concerned that simply copying the exe will prevent me from getting other changes that may be brought in with new versions (new/changed files, new/changed folder, etc). I really don't want to lose all my settings or have to copy all the settings files with each release though.

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