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Some help with 1.1.6


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need some help about the advanced options in 1.1.6

net.low_cpu = low cpu mode(t)

bt.slow_connect = slow connecting to peer(t)

queue.dont_count_slow_dl = dont count slow downloads(t)

queue.dont_count_slow_ul = dont count slow uploads(t)

peer.lazy_bitfield = ?(f)

diskio.flush_files = ?(f)

diskio.sparse_files = ?(f)

diskio.delay = ?(500)

diskio.write_queue_size = ?(500)

diskio.use_partfile = ?(t)

are the first 4 options correct?and what are the other options?please bear with me if these are noob questions...the main reason i want to know is because my speed suddenly dropped drastically to <10kB/s after upgrading from 1.1.5,previously it was 180kB/s,so i thought it might be these settings that made my downloads so slow...i wrote my current settings in the brackets if it helps :D

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Lazy Bitfield will help you bypass some ISPs that disallow seeding.

Flush Cache helps reduce the amount of memory windows will grab for Caching.

Sparse files is something that allows you to not allocate all the space for a file being downloaded, only the parts you're downloading. It does fragment your harddrive, though.

The delay and write queue refer to the Write Caching utorrent does, leave those on default usualy.

Partfile means that if you select to skip files in a torrent, and some data of those files is downloaded (has to be done, BT works like that) are written in one big 'junk file' instead of useless files being made for skipped files in every torrent's folder.

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