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How do I reset all my statistics?


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Recently I changed to a new computer, and I've installed uTorrent there and copy the configuration files from the old computer, but I don't want the old statistics, I want start from scratch.

How do I reset my statistics? When you give Help -> Show statistics, the number of times the program has started, the total downloaded and the total uploaded since the 1st time, the total time ..., etc. appear. When in Preferences -> Transfer Cap, I give Reset History, it only deletes the history of the last 31 days, how do I reset all history from the beginning of time?. 



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1 hour ago, Obi-Wan said:

How do I reset my statistics?


1) Tinker around in the settings.dat file using bencoder (as to which particular entries store the different statistic info, I don't know)


2) Create a new (empty) settings.dat file (i.e. starting from scratch)

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