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Utorrent hanging/freezing consistently


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I've been using utorrent for years and a couple a months ago a problem started occurring. Whenever I download a torrent or open utorrent without it download, it will freeze up and consistently switch between a blank window, a window with all the details of utorrent but unclickable, or a window that says (not responding) at the top where it says utorrent 3.4.3 blah blah blah. I've tried everything, I have no antivirus, i have exceptions for it in my firewall, I've set all the services it would use to automatic, I've checked my download locations, tried the setup tools(which also freezes), reset my internet connection, messed with the settings, but nothing works. And the program will run without hanging if I'm not connected to internet. But no matter where I connect to internet this happens, so it isn't just my connection. How do I fix this? It's become such a pain in the ass to do anything with it.

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