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Disable Windows Caching of disk writes/read


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Using 2.2.1 worked fine , Hard Disk never reached 100% even when downloading at 40-50 Mb per second , that's 400-500 MBIT .  now with the same settings expect the Windows Cache it 100% instant .

I want to use the new 3.5.3 , 3.5.4  but it just doesn't download with Preallocation On  and I don't want Fragmentation ... I am running Utorrent as ADMIN / Elevated is Yes on the Task Manager.

What else is causing the Cache if not the Windows Cache ?   with the same settings exactly with 2.2.1 it works fine,  only the missing Windows Cache causing this issue.


Qbittorrent has Windows Cache Settings,  and it also works fine there, why are those settings gone ??

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