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Can Connect to Peers but Downloading never starts - Help!


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I'm a technical noobie so please help.

I have been using Utorrent for several years, through different versions, with no problems on a Chinese-language computer (I'm an English teacher in China, been here for years), starting with Windows XP, then Windows 7, then Windows 10. I got a shop to fit a new video card (FPS games tended to crash) and switch me over to Windows 10 English version.

And... no downloads happen anymore. The computer is fine, everything works. The internet & websites show no problems. I installed the latest UTorrent program (3.5.4 (build44498) [32-bit]) and when I try to download ANYTHING, or even several somethings, the peers show up but the download never starts.

Any suggestions?

UTorrent 01.PNG

UTorrent 02.PNG

UTorrent 03.PNG

UTorrent 04.PNG

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