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Download Speed Stuck at 11MB/s after uTorrent froze a few weeks ago

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I have a problem here that doesn't make sense. Usually uTorrent downloaded with around 35-45 MB/s speed, basically downloading a 4K HDR movie in less than 30 mins. One day the program froze and wasn't responding anymore probably because I force restarted the Windows while downloading sth and then the program was trying to check torrent progress. As it was taking too long, i tried to delete the torrent with SHIFT + DEL and the program crashed. After restart, the program worked but ever since the event (2-3 weeks ago), the download speed now always gets stuck at 11MB/s. It feels like its a barrier at 11 that never lets the internet download my files faster. I attached a screenshot. It's making me go mad, I am paying for a premium 500 Mbps subscription and the fact that before the crash every torrent with more than 30 seeds was basically bumping up to 45 MB/s torrent down speed makes me angry. Tried rebooting the router, using Bittorrent, nothing works, now my torrents never exceed those 11MB/s and it's slow as fuck and i'm not paying for that 'premium' subscription to work like a starter pack from my provider. confirms I got apx. 478 Mbps download, any solution is welcome! Thank you


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