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utorrent window opening but stuck - No responding


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out of nowhere, and without any new software installed on win 10, utorrent is loading but not responding... tried compatibility mode and run as administrator with no luck... I even kept the no responding utorrent running for a day with no luck....

please refer to the screenshot and advise. thanks... 




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So I had this exact same issue and I figured out that I had a piece of software called "Sonic Suite II" that was running on my Asus GL502VMK Windows 10 Home. As soon as I closed that application down Utorrent 3.5.4 worked flawlessly. Sonic Suite II is an audio app for the soundcard. Maybe look at your apps and see if there are any third-party media apps that deal with audio and media processing running on your system. It's a possibility there's a conflict with the uTorrent built-in player or ad-player that's causing it to become unstable.  

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