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Is uTorrent somehow under attack?


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For the past week or so, my upload and download speeds have dropped to almost nil--nothing moving.  Yesterday I visited the rargb.to torrent site and found this notice:

"As you might have already been aware there are companies who are exploiting utorrent/bittorrent mainline and slowing down your downloads. This method is called "peer flooding". It's affecting all versions of utorrent and bittorrent mainline clients. If you are using these clients - for now we recommend you to switch to another client until its resolved by the developers of utorrent."

Is there any truth to this?  What else could account for my sudden speed drops--I've been using uTorrent for over a year without this happening.

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utorrent has nothing to do with how sites whom hosts torrents deal with and transmit their torrents. Torrent issues have a multitude of problems that can result in slow speeds.

1. ISP throttle

2. Dead torrent

3. Poisoned torrent

4. Fake torrent

5.etc...you get the picture

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