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How to download files not in FAT32


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Hello everyone

I am new to the torrent world(and I'm not really that much of an expert on the whole computer thing) and when I was downloading files on my new mac( version 10.13.6), I originally couldn't save files to my external hard drive. I googled around and it said that it was because I need to format my hard drive to FAT32 format. So I did, and it worked!! The only problem is that FAT32 is an objectively terrible way to format your hard drive, mostly because I can't save files that are bigger than 5 GB. My question is, do you need to save your Utorrent files on FAT32? If not, how can I change so I can save files on my hard drive on different formats? As you can see, I am terrible at this and I would greatly appreciate the help

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