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Issue searching in Files listview & sort feature in Add torrent dialog


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In the "Files" tab of utorrent, it is not possible to search files in the listview typing the first letters of the file name. It always returns to the first item in the list view. The same happens in the other tabs. In the listview of Windows Explorer, if you type the first letters of a file, the selected item jumps to the next file with a name that starts with the typed letters.

Also it would be great if it is possible to sort by "Filename" or "Size" in the dialog that appears when a new .torrent file added. This feature would help to select specific files to download in large torrents that have hundreds of files (like collections).... A workaround for this missing feature is accept the torrent, then select it and go to the "Files" tab to sort the files.

(originally posted by aldostools. I deleted the wrong thread, sorry!)

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