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New version already running, would you like to downgrade?


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When I start uTorrnet I get a message saying " A newer version of uTorrent, 3.5.4 build 44846 is already installed. Would you like to downgrade to 3.5.4 build 44632? Choose No to continue running uTorrent"






When I click on a magnet link to start a new torrent I get this message " A newer version of uTorrent is already running.  Please shut down uTorrent and try again"





Seems like a bit of a problem.  I have virus scanned with Kspersky my system (windows 10 home,) is all clean.



Any ideas? Any fixes?


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It sounds like the Magnet link is trying to execute an old version of uTorrent (at a different location/folder on your PC) that has already has Magnet links associated with it.

Verify which version of uTorrent is running by looking at the build number on the uTorrent's title bar (or Help>About).

If it's 44846: try Options>Preferences>General, then click the Associate with torrent files button.

Does that solve the issue?

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I did not press yes I did a manual search of my system. When I get a strange popup asking me to press yes for anything I assume it is something trying to gain access to my system.


Which is why I came onto this forum to find out if anyone else has had this message and if this message is normal. 

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