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Connection error: An address incompatible with the requested protocol was used. (10047)


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I recently moved and now get this error whenever trying to run the bandwidth test in Utorrent on a Win10 desktop on a wired connection.

1.Port 45682 is correctly forwarded and open with the service set to TCP/UDP.

2. I have NO anti-virus software, and windows defender is completely turned off.

3. Enabling DMZ just in case needing open NAT was somehow an issue didn't affect anything.

4. I've double checked that my IPv4 & IPv6 addresses had no typos.

5. I've typed 'netsh winsock reset' at a command prompt, followed by a reboot.

I get the green check mark that I have incoming connections but my download speed is majorly effected.

Sorry if the screenshots are huge.






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