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NEW Browser, but is it compatible with Utorrent?


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Brave dot com is a great new browser, but it "intercepts" torrents and tries to download them itself.  
The idea is that anybody can now access torrents without having to install 3rd party software or set anything up. 
The bad thing is, the Brave torrent client sucks!

How can I get Brave to work with Utorrent? 

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I'm trying to ask on the Brave forum now... they don't seem to give very good answers.  

I think I figured out how to do it.. which makes sense...

In OTHER browsers, when a torrent file is clicked on, it automatically ask you to SAVE it - and when you click on the saved file, it brings up Utorrent.

With BRAVE, when a torrent file is clicked on, it gives you the option of STARTING it or SAVING it.  Pick SAVE and then click on the saved file. 

If you click on START.. BRAVE uses it's own primitive torrent client to load the torrent and attempt to download the file.  

So, just ignore the START button and click on SAVE

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